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The Neuro Clinic (Utah) Website Design

After we completed the redesign of The Neuro Clinic (Oregon) website, their sister company in Utah wanted to update their website design as well. Needless to say, we were happy to oblige. This was a unique challenge because the companies are very similar in practice but have subtle differences in style that had to be reflected through the site. Note for instance the differing color schemes.

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view the live site: www.theneuroclinic.org

Initially, The Neuro Clinic team was tentative about working with a remotely located company because they were unable to meet in person. To address these concerns, we leveraged video conferencing and screen sharing closing the gap between us. Ultimately they were exceptionally pleased with how we could take what information they sent us and shape it into the finished product they were imagining. In the end, we proved to be much more accessible and responsive then their current provider and hosting company.

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